Police and Crime Commissioner voices concern over homicide rate in South Yorkshire

Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire Alan Billings.
Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire Alan Billings.
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South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner is to discuss South Yorkshire’s homicide rate in a meeting with the county’s Chief Constable today.

Alan Billings said he plans to raise the issue during a meeting with the police force’s senior command team today, following the publication of new figures which revealed South Yorkshire has the second worst homicide rate in the country.

Figures published by the Office for National Statistics show there were 23 killings reported between April 2014 and March 2014 - 16.9 offences per every one million residents.

Only Bedfordshire had a higher homicide rate over the same period.

Police chiefs claim the South Yorkshire figure should be 20, with three offences reported during the 12 month period in question but committed earlier.

Commissioner Billings said: “I am concerned about the figures. South Yorkshire should be a safe place to live – and generally speaking it is.

“However, these figures are disturbing and I shall be discussing them at a meeting I have with the Senior Command Team on Monday.

“We need to understand, for instance, how homicides are the result of domestic violence and how many are related to other criminal activity, such as drugs.

“We need to be satisfied that no trend is developing and that we have the resources in place to ensure speedy detection.”