Police aim to reassure South Yorkshire crime victims

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Crime:Latest news.
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POLICE have been visiting elderly victims of burglary in South Yorkshire.

Community support officers visited one 73-year-old woman who was the victim of an attempted burglary on Fleming Way, Flanderwell, Rotherham.

Although the offender did not gain access to her house, police said she was ‘shaken’ after realising she had been targeted.

PCSOs have also visited a 68-year-old woman on Malwood Way, Maltby, who had jewellery of sentimental value stolen during a raid.

PCSO Jacqui Millward said: “Providing reassurance to victims of crime is a vital part of our role. Providing follow-on support to victims who have suffered crime is comforting and provides a personal touch. Many are elderly and vulnerable and some live alone with little or no support within the community.

“If our visits make people feel safer in their homes, it’s a job well done.”