Petrol saw-wielding police bust 'large-scale' cannabis farm in Stocksbridge

Police sliced through shop shutters and metal doors to bust a ‘large-scale cannabis factory’ in Sheffield.

Friday, 1st July 2022, 8:33 pm

Officers from North West NPT broke into a former Jack Fulton food shop and found two rooms full of plants on the top floor - one for growing and one for drying.

It appeared to have been planned as a long-term facility, they said.

In a statement, an officer apologised to ‘legitimate businesses, staff, and shoppers’ on Manchester Road, Stocksbridge, due to the noise and disruption.

Officers cut their way into the former food shop on Manchester Road

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Specialist teams with ‘petrol cut-off saws’ were needed to get through shutters and metal doors and the electricity board had to dig up the pavement to cut off the supply, they said.

The officer also gave forthright views the production of cannabis.

“I know there will be those of you who will comment on it only being a bit of weed and that it doesn't hurt anyone, and in some people's opinion is less impactive than alcohol, and that we shouldn't be bothering with this type of 'crime'.

Police found two rooms full of plants on the top floor - one for growing and one for drying.

“However, let me be blunt, the growing of cannabis is still a crime and it is not a victimless crime. The large-scale production of cannabis by organised criminals has a detrimental impact to the local community.

“The production of cannabis does not only smell horrendous in the location, but it can also have an impact on the business around it, as people may avoid those shops.

“The criminals will often abstract huge amounts of electricity which is not paid for and has an impact on everyone's electricity bills going up (albeit by no means the only reason) and in the case of this factory resulted in the electricity board having to dig up the pavement outside the shop to cut off the electricity to make the location safe.

It appeared to have been planned as a long-term facility

“Finally, the production of cannabis on this scale often involves vulnerable people within the community being exploited to assist with the growing of the cannabis and the running and selling of the drug, not to mention the impact the use of the drug can have on its users.”

Police are appealing for information. Call 101, or use the online reporting tool, or report anonymously at

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