‘People dumping rubbish all over in Sheffield’

Fly tipped Waste, on Sutherland Road , Pitsmore
Fly tipped Waste, on Sutherland Road , Pitsmore
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FLYtipping is on the increase and fortnightly bin collections are to blame - that’s the view of Sheffield people surveyed by The Star.

Areas of the city are being blighted by rubbish which has become an increasing presence on streets since the city made the switch from weekly rounds last summer, resi- dents say.

Locals say the problem has escalated during the past two months, when ice and snow led to a huge backlog of bin collections and caused litter to increase on the streets.

Calls have been made for Sheffield Council to take action to clean up the city - or switch back to a weekly service.

Miles Waters, aged 31, of Dore, said: “I would say fly-tipping has got worse. It’s not so bad where I live but I have definitely noticed the problem in other areas of the city.

“Weekly collections are better. I live alone but my bin still gets full.”

Julie Kent, 55, of Southey, said: “People are dumping rubbish all over. Bins get full pretty quickly. I live in a house with three people and our bin does get full. I think some people just think they can put their rubbish anywhere.

“I think collections should go back to being every week.”

As well as turning residential areas into eyesores, rubbish is also posing a threat to public safety in more extreme cases, readers said.

Richard Taylor, 44, of Manor, said: “Fly-tipping is definitely getting worse where I live. Knocked-down buildings are being used as dumping grounds so there are more rats. There have been a lot more fires as well.

“I’m a single man and even the box I’ve got to put paper in gets too full - I’ve had to get a shredder to get rid of it all.”

Kirtima Chady, 22, of Middlewood, added: “About a month ago we had no collection for more than two weeks. Some people were dumping rubbish in gardens, and there were full bin bags all over.

“Allowing rubbish to be out on the street for so long is not good for people or an area.”

Online, Star readers are equally frustrated by the impact they say fortnightly collections has had on fly-tipping.

On Facebook, Stacy Jane Livermore wrote: “You see bags all over - why haven’t our taxes been reduced? Lack of service! I recycle and still my bin is chocka and the bins on the street are always surrounded by bags.”