Pair praised for saving lives after tackling armed man at a wedding party

Shanwaz Nazir (left) and Saif Din (right).
Shanwaz Nazir (left) and Saif Din (right).
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TWO hero wedding guests who grappled with a gunman are to share a £10,000 reward for their bravery.

Daring duo Shanwaz Nazir, aged 25, and Saif Din, just 16, leapt into action when a man armed with a gun began firing at guests at a wedding reception in Sheffield.

Saif, a student at Longley Park College, in Sheffield, is a police cadet with dreams of becoming a detective, and Shanwaz is a taxi driver.

Now the pair have been offered the cash - which they will split between them - as a ‘thank you’ by a businessman who was also at the wedding at the Sheffield Park Hotel, Meadowhead.

The reward donor - who was at the reception with his wife and two children but wants to remain anonymous - says he and his family owe the pair their lives.

“I cannot express enough how grateful I am,” he told The Star. “They saved the lives of everyone.”

Modest teenager Saif said: “I am a police cadet and I want to be a detective so I think my training must have kicked in!

“I just tried to keep calm and wanted to keep everyone safe.

“It was only afterwards when I thought about it that I realised I could have been shot - at the time I was just thinking about everyone else.”

He admitted: “I was scared when the gunman started firing. A lot of people froze and others were running around and jumping, but Shanwaz got hold of the gun and I got the guy onto the floor and jumped on top of him.

“He managed to shoot a few more times until we got the gun out of his hands, but we were pushing it towards the floor to stop him hitting anyone.”

Saif added: “I am really surprised the reward has been offered - it is really generous.”

Shanwaz, a taxi driver from Rotherham, said: “My sixth sense just kicked in when he pulled out the gun. I was close by so I just grabbed it without thinking.

“We might have been the first two there to disarm him, but other friends then got involved too and played their part.

“A family occasion, a wedding, was ruined by this, and I am just sorry for the bride and groom and their parents that this happened.

“My only thought at the time was to get the gun off the guy.”

The businessman said he was moved to offer the reward as he owes Saif and Shanwaz “everything”.

“I am a businessman in a fortunate enough position to be able to offer this reward,” he said.

“They put their lives on the line for everyone at the wedding and this is my way of saying thank you to them.

“All I know is a man walked in pulled a gun out and started shooting.

“I just froze with fear - I didn’t know what was going on or what to do.

“The next thing I saw was the two guys going over to him and one of them grabbing the gun from his hand and the other one hitting him and getting him to the floor, then wrestling with him until they got the gun off him.”

He said: “One of them put his hand over the barrel of the gun - if it had been fired again his hand would have been blown off. It was terrifying.

“The reason I want to give them the money is those boys are heroes in my eyes - I was standing close by and could easily have been shot, but I could not move because I was shaking.

“My wife and kids were at the wedding, and they too could easily have been killed.

“Everyone at that wedding must feel they owe their lives to Saif and Shanwaz.”

n A man has been charged with possession of a gun with intent to cause fear of violence, and two other men have been bailed pending further inquiries.