South Yorkshire paedophile jailed after being snared in undercover police operation

A paedophile who made “repulsive” comments to undercover police before he was caught with indecent images of children has been jailed.

By Jon Cooper
Thursday, 20th January 2022, 8:57 am

Sheffield Crown Court heard on January 19 how Sean Beazant, aged 35, of Cooperative Street, Cudworth, Barnsley, exchanged comments with undercover police online before he began asking for images of two children and claimed he had once molested a youngster.

Louise Gallagher, prosecuting, said after meeting on another communication site Beazant was told by undercover police they had two young daughters and he asked for pictures and claimed he had once molested and kissed an eight-year-old girl.

Ms Gallagher added Beazant suggested they could go on a holiday and meet before police went to his home and found indecent images of youngsters on two mobile phones.

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Sheffield Crown Court, pictured, has heard how a South Yorkshire paedophile has been jailed after he made "repulsive" comments to undercover police and was caught with indecent images of children.

Beazant pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent images relating to 71 category A, 25 category B and 103 category C images dating from April, 2019, to September, 2020, with category A being the most serious.

Damian Broadbent, defending, said Beazant worked long shifts supervising machinery and in his boredom he started looking at the internet and he went “down the rabbit hole”.

Mr Broadbent added: “He was not thinking about the consequences of his actions but the impact has been brought home to him. It is one year and four months since the date when his home was searched and his life has fallen apart.”

Mr Broadbent added there is a realistic prospect of rehabilitation for Beazant who has has not re-offended since these offences.

Judge Peter Kelson QC told Beazant: “Upon hearing from the undercover officers, playing the part they were playing - that they had daughters aged six and eight, you embarked upon truly repulsive conversations.”

He added: “This is truly depraved conversation and it drives me to conclude that a prison sentence in this case is appropriate. This is truly repulsive offending.”

Judge Kelson said a message must go out to those who view indecent images and engage in this sort of conversation, even though Beazant claimed it was fantasy, that they will be punished.

He sentenced Beazant to six months of custody and made him subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order of seven years while he is subject to the Sex Offenders Register.

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