Opinion: Abuse report is shocking

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The scale of the child sex abuse in Rotherham, which Tuesday’s report exposed is truly shocking.

The very people that should have protected our young from some of the most vile crimes imaginable have been found to be completely negligent.

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Among details that would sicken most right-thinking people are claims that police and Rotherham Council simply didn’t believe the girls – some as young as 11 – when complaints were made.

Fathers who tried to intervene on behalf of their daughters were sometimes arrested and the perpetrators began to think of themselves as being ‘untouchable’.

There is also the element of race being a factor. Because the majority of the abusers were ‘Asian’ men there was a fear of being labelled racist if too much focus was placed on this.

Council leader Roger Stone has already resigned from his post and we can be sure there will be the usual ‘this must never happen again’ platitudes being thrown out to appease the public and media.

The people who allowed this abuse to continue should be haunted by their inaction for the rest of their days.

It is simply unforgivable that they allowed it to continue for so long and to so many.