Online bid to stop US extradition

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AN ONLINE petition has been launched to help stop a Sheffield man being extradited to America to face copyright infringement charges.

Sheffield Hallam University student Richard O’Dwyer, aged 23, was arrested in June on a US warrant on suspicion of running a website which provided links to movie clips.

The US authorities want him extradited to be prosecuted for copyright infringement, which could land him behind bars.

But Richard, a computer science undergraduate who is originally from New Station Road in Chesterfield but now living in student accommodation in Shoreham Street, Sheffield, has refused to give his consent to be extradited and has vowed to fight against the move.

His supporters argue that the server he ran was not based in America, his domain names were not in the US and Richard had never operated over there.

Richard wants the right to go on trial for the alleged offences in Britain, where his offending is said to have taken place.

An online petition is calling on the British government to act ‘as a matter of urgency’ and change the law to allow extradition to be barred when most of an alleged extraditable offence is said to have occurred in Britain.

The petition was signed by 150 people in the first 24 hours.

n Visit to sign the petition.