One dog killed and another viciously bitten by savage terrier on loose

Josie Dickens, with her dog Taz which was attacked by a pitbull , her other dog had to be put down.
Josie Dickens, with her dog Taz which was attacked by a pitbull , her other dog had to be put down.
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A MUCH loved 16-year-old pet was killed after being attacked by a loose dog roaming a Sheffield suburb.

Josie Dickens’ dog Dee Dee was so badly injured in the savage mauling a vet had to put him to sleep. His companion Taz, an 11-year-old cross breed, survived but with gaping wounds to her flesh.

Josie, aged 63, was taking Dee Dee, Taz, and her other dog Chloe, five, for their early morning walk when a bull terrier which was not on a lead ran up to them and launched a vicious attack.

Josie, of Bolsover Road, Firth Park, was walking her beloved pets along nearby Cammell Road when the loose dog struck.

The grandmother-of-two said a passerby managed to drag the vicious animal off her dogs but, to her terror, it returned and continued biting.

Horrified locals who heard Josie’s cries for help intervened, and a woman chased the dog away with a stick.

Police were called to the scene, caught the dog responsible, and managed to track down its owner. Officers are now considering what action to take.

Josie said she is devastated at losing Dee Dee in such horrific circumstances.

“I always take my dogs out for an early morning walk when there is nobody about and they are always kept on a lead, so I am disgusted that they were attacked by a dog roaming loose,” she said.

“It just came hurtling towards us from nowhere and attacked Dee Dee and Taz, biting them all over, until a man came and dragged it off.

“I had got half way home when the dog came after us again, biting them and barking. They had puncture wounds everywhere.

“We had Dee Dee since he was a tiny pup 16 years ago - my son found him dumped in a basket, brought him home and we have cared for him ever since.

“I am really angry he died in this way. If if it had been a child attacked I dread to think what would have happened.”

A police spokeswoman said the dog responsible was described by witnesses as a pit bull terrier type.

“The police restrained the dog, which was unsupervised. It was then transferred to a kennel,” she said.

“The two dogs that were attacked sustained serious injuries and, sadly, one was later put to sleep because of its injuries.”

She confirmed a police investigation is underway.