Officers with criminal records

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POLICE officers in South Yorkshire have been jailed for forgery, theft, perjury, criminal damage and violence, Freedom of Information figures show.

Between 2002 and 2010, 48 officers were convicted of criminal offences or cautioned.

One officer received a two-year supervision order after being convicted of a sexual offence.

Another received a caution for possession of cannabis.

Most offences and convictions disclosed related to motoring offences - with 16 officers caught speeding, two receiving bans.

Another 11 officers were convicted of offences including careless driving, dangerous driving and driving without due care and attention - with one officer jailed for three months. Two were convicted of drink driving.

In addition to their punishments from the courts, four were sacked from their positions - one for offences involving indecent images, another for perjury, one for theft and one for criminal damage and violence.

Eight officers resigned from their posts once details of their offending emerged.

Four officers were also fined a number of days’ pay.