Off-road riders targeted in new police crackdown

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Off-road vehicles are being targeted by South Yorkshire Police following complaints from residents about anti-social behaviour.

In one operation members of Royston Safer Neighbourhood Team, mounted police officers, police off-road bikers and members of the Trans Pennine Trail rangers targeted those riding illegally on the Trans Pennine Trail.

Seven off-road bikes were seized for not having insurance, eight warnings were given and one rider was issued with a fixed penalty ticket for trespassing on railway land.

A 20-year-old man was arrested for failing to stop for police officers during the operation.

PC Clare Sidaway said:”The Trans Pennine Trail and Rabbit Ings Country Park are areas intended to be enjoyed by walkers, pedal cyclists and horse riders and not for off road vehicles.

“All too often, the actions of some of these off road riders make an area that should be peaceful and safe, into dangerous locations for members of the public.

“Whilst everyone is entitled to have hobbies and pastimes, they must ensure they are acting legally, responsibly and with consideration for others.

“Few riders of mechanically propelled vehicles realise that by law they must have specific insurance to cover riding, pushing or taking them into any public place, which includes parks and footpaths and not just driving them on the road. A vehicle with no insurance will almost always result in it being seized and the offender will be prosecuted.”