No arrests at Thatcher funeral party in Goldthorpe

A funeral pyre in Goldthorpe lit to mark the passing of Mrs Thatcher.
A funeral pyre in Goldthorpe lit to mark the passing of Mrs Thatcher.
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PROTESTS and parties across South Yorkshire to mark the death of Margaret Thatcher passed peacefully without any arrests.

Police said there was no disorder associated with gatherings on the day of the former Prime Minister’s funeral.

In the former pit village of Goldthorpe, thousands gathered while a mock coffin was carried through the streets before an effigy of Baroness Thatcher was burned.

The politician, who died last Monday, is widely resented in the village for closing down mines across the county resulting in thousands of job losses.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Events held across South Yorkshire associated with the funeral of Baroness Thatcher were conducted safely with no arrests and minimal disruption to the wider public.

“It was an emotive day for many people across the county and we are pleased that people behaved sensibly while exercising their right to peaceful assembly.”


donnylass: “If people hate her so much, why are they still giving her the time of day by doing a mock funeral. I wasn’t there while she was in power. However, this seems a bit childish.”

dearneraider: “Why in 13 years didn’t a Labour government open up the pits. It was possible to do so. Open up the pits - coal not dole.”

davidcy: “The NUM is (or was) a rich union. If the pits were so profitable, why didn’t the NUM buy some of them, and keep its members employed.”

moanytony: “I’m no lover of Maggie Thatcher and her shortsighted policies, but the scenes in Goldthorpe were reminiscent of Northern Ireland. Time to forget and move on people.”