NEWS IN BRIEF: Two arrested as cars collide

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TWO arrests were made following a collision in Meadowhead, Sheffield, after three people ran away from the crash scene.

Two were located by the police helicopter and a third was found by officers on the ground.

A collision on the outbound carriage of the Sheffield Parkway on Boxing Day afternoon led to a build up of traffic back to the Catcliffe junction.

Copter on patrol

THE police helicopter was called out to patrol the Wincobank area to look for offenders responsible for damaging cars. Officers on the ground used a police dog to look for the culprits and they were tracked down. In Wadsley, police have visited the homes of 19 youths in a crackdown on anti-social behaviour. One has been issued with an acceptable behaviour contract.

Lorry arson attack

FIREFIGHTERS extinguished a lorry engulfed in flames outside Gap Scaffolding, Peel Place, Barnsley. The blaze is being treated as arson. Arsonists were also to blame for a van found alight on Durlstone Road, Gleadless Valley, Sheffield and a Land Rover set alight on Wesley Road, Kiveton Park, Rotherham.

Kitchen fire

FIREFIGHTERS called out to a kitchen fire on Preston Street, Lowfield, Sheffield, said the blaze was started deliberately. They spent 90 minutes dealing with the incident. Nobody was injured. A shed found burning in a garden on East Terrace, Wales, Rotherham, had also been set alight deliberately.

Burglars strike

POLICE are investigating a break-in on Glen View Road, Greenhill, Sheffield. The intruder forced open a door to get inside. Officers are also investigating a shed break-in on Lowedges Road, Lowedges.

Laser scare arrest

A MAN has been arrested for targeting the South Yorkshire Police helicopter with a laser while it was flying above Wincobank. Air crew reported the incident to officers on the ground and an arrest was made.

Booze sale sting

TEENAGE volunteers were recruited by police to try to buy alcohol from 11 licensed premises in Hillsborough and Middlewood. Two of the 11 failed the test, by selling drink to the underage customers.