NEWS IN BRIEF: A MAN was rescued from a balcony at a Sheffield house.

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Fire crews from Low Edges were called to help the man who had become trapped at 6.30pm on Saturday.

He was freed from the balcony of a house on Batemoor Road, Jordanthorpe.

AROUND 50 bales of wheat were destroyed in a blaze believed to be deliberate.

Six crews fought for hours to put out the flames, which spread to cover a 25 acre site, off Lynwood Drive, Carlton, Barnsley, from around 6pm on Friday.

A HOUSE on Lees Hall Avenue, Norton Lees, Sheffield, was broken into when the French doors were forced open.

A car parked on nearby Little Norton Lane, Norton, Sheffield, was broken into overnight. Call 101 with information.

POLICE were informed of a fire as it was believed to have been started deliberately.

A large straw bale was set alight on Mansfield Road, Hillstown, near Bolsover and fire crews from Staveley put it out at 8.20pm on Friday.

CYLINDERS were cordoned off as a safety measure after they were discovered on fire.

Chesterfield and Staveley firefighters were called to the scene on Armitage industrial estate, Station Road, Whittington Moor, near Chesterfield at 7.30am on Saturday.

They cooled off the cylinders with a jet and established a temporary cordon.