New survey reveals low morale among South Yorkshire Police officers

Low morale has been reported by South Yorkshire Police officers in a new survey.

By Claire Lewis
Wednesday, 2nd December 2020, 12:46 pm

The annual pay and morale survey conducted by the Police Federation of England and Wales found that 51 per cent of those who responded in South Yorkshire described having low morale.

A total of 79 per cent of respondents from South Yorkshire Police described morale within the force as currently low and 61 per cent said they would not recommend the police service as a job to anyone else.

Seven per cent of respondents from South Yorkshire Police said they intend to leave the force within the next two years.

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Police officers on patrol

A total of 492 responses were received from South Yorkshire Police, representing a response rate of around 20 per cent.

The survey also found that 38 per cent of respondents from South Yorkshire Police feel the force has managed officers well during the Covid-19 crisis but 49 per cent feel they have not received adequate training.

Steve Kent, chairman of the South Yorkshire branch of the Police Federation, said: “It is clear that our officers are feeling disheartened. The large proportion of officers are under a lot of pressure and have seen their pay cut by nearly 20 per cent In the last decade and this survey doesn’t even take into account the latest pay freeze which has been a hammer blow to officers’ morale.

“It has left them feeling neglected by a government which rightly recognises the work of the NHS but completely ignores the role of policing.”

Commenting on the findings of the national survey, national chairman John Apter, said: “These results should give serious concern to chief constables and to government.

“This year, more than ever, officers have been put under significant pressure, dealing with the day job as well as policing the constantly changing Covid rules. Despite doing their very best, they have been turned into the villains of this pandemic by some, damned whatever they do; and this constant criticism takes its toll.

“This must be seen for what it is, a cry for help from police officers who need to ensure their voice is heard.”