New protocol to help police find runaways in South Yorkshire

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Care homes in South Yorkshire are being urged to identify children at risk of going missing to help police find them if they ever disappear.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs until tomorrow, South Yorkshire Police has announced a new protocol, which will involve registered care providers each completing a form, which police will have access to, which contains important information about children at risk of running away.

Jim Sheard, South Yorkshire Police’s mental health coordinator, said: “This new way of working is about getting residential care homes to identify those residents who may be at risk of going missing.

“At the moment, there is no standardised document held by care homes and, as a result, they will all have different ways of working and will hold different information about the vulnerable people in their care.

“However, under the new protocol, one standardised document will be introduced to ensure a consistent and joined-up approach.

“This means that, if somebody does go missing, police will easily be able to access vital information so enable them to find that person, safe and well, as quickly as possible.”

The new document will hold information about vulnerable people, including a description, the medication they take and what may happen if they don’t take it, details of their favourite hobbies and details on where they have been if they have gone missing before.”