Murderer must serve 22 years

Andrew Lindo - jailed for life for murdering fiancee
Andrew Lindo - jailed for life for murdering fiancee
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A SOUTH Yorkshire music teacher who strangled, battered and stabbed his fiancee to death has been locked up for a minimum of 22 years after being given a life sentence.

Andrew Lindo, aged 29, who taught at the Take 2 Theatre School in Birdwell, Barnsley, showed an ‘extraordinary and chilling lack of remorse’, Judge Justice Andrew Smith told him.

The judge said the killer had carried out a ‘cruel and sustained’ attack on his 30-year-old partner Marie Stewart.

Lindo, who had two children with his fiancee, hid her body in a suitcase in the garage of the home they shared in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, and carried on living there with the children.

He also took women back to the house and told them Marie had left him.

Lindo admitted manslaughter but denied murder, claiming he lost control following a row during which he accused her of mistreating their daughter.

But a jury took less than an hour to reject his claim.

Lindo - described in court as an ‘inveterate and accomplished liar’ - had been living a double life, having affairs with a number of women.

He even took one of his lovers back to his house on the night he killed Marie.

Mr Justice Smith said the parole board which eventually considers his release would take his ‘extraordinary cunning and facility for deceit’ into consideration before deciding whether he should ever regain his freedom.

The judge added: “I cannot tell why you killed Marie Stewart - still less why you killed her so brutally - whether there was a motive and, if so, what it was.

“I do not accept that you were provoked or suffering prolonged stress. But that evening you faced a crisis in the double life that you were leading.”

Mr Justice Smith said statements from the victim’s family outlining their loss were ‘truly moving’.

He added: “The dignity and restraint that they have shown during this trial cannot disguise the enormity of what you inflicted upon them.”

Speaking after the case, Detective Superintendent Dick Nuttall said the roots of the crime lay in Lindo’s ‘selfishness’.

He said the killing was a ‘cool, cruel and deliberate act’.