Joe Walker
Joe Walker
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A teenager wielding a knife was ‘elated, happy and proud’ after chasing a young man, stabbing him in the back, and leaving him to die in Sheffield, a court heard.

Victim Joe Walker, aged 23, was chased from a party by a group including the 17-year-old defendant, and ‘brought to the ground and kicked’ before being knifed. As he lay bleeding to death from a severed artery, his assailant was allegedly heard to taunt: “You’re not going to do nowt now... not when you’re laid out.”

Jurors at Sheffield Crown Court heard the teenager – who cannot be named because of his age – accepts inflicting the fatal blow.

But he denies murder, insisting he never intended to kill.

Joe, from Intake in Sheffield, had punched the boy a few moments earlier, in retaliation after a friend was assaulted at a party in a flat on Waltheof Road, Manor, last September.

The ‘atmosphere had turned nasty’ and ‘arguments and fights had broken out’, said Jonathan Sharp, prosecuting.

One row was said to have erupted after Joe confronted his attacker for snorting cocaine at the party.

Mr Sharp said Joe was set upon after he demanded to know who had left his friend with a bloody nose.

He clashed with the defendant and ended up hitting out at him ‘possibly more than once’ – before backing away and running off when he spotted a knife.

“Once Joe had run off the defendant was in no danger of being punched again,” Mr Sharp told the jury. “He had no reason to defend himself at all, but he chose to chase Joe down the path.

“He was not alone. He was part of a group that quickly formed and joined in the chase of Joe.

“But it was the defendant who had the knife.

“The group caught up with Joe and overpowered him. He was brought to the ground and kicked.

“The defendant raised the knife, stabbed Joe in the back, and so killed him.”

Police and paramedics tried to revive Joe but his heart had already stopped.

A pathologist who examined his body found the blade had severed an artery and caused severe internal bleeding.

The ‘elated’ teenager accused of murder ‘made no effort to disguise what he had done’ as Joe lay slumped on a patch of grass, Mr Sharp said.

Revellers back at the party said that, when the teen returned, he appeared ‘happy’ and ‘proud of what he had done’.

The teenager’s defence barrister, Nicholas Rhodes QC, said the youth admits being part of the group which chased Joe.

But he will tell jurors an object was placed in his hand after he had been punched by Joe ‘several times’ - and when he struck out with it he had not realised it was a knife.

The trial continues.