Murder judge to sum up evidence

Thavisha Peiris
Thavisha Peiris
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Jurors in the trial of a man accused of murdering a pizza delivery driver in Sheffield have today heard closing speeches from the prosecution and defence teams.

Shamraze Khan, aged 26, of Southey Crescent, is accused of killing 25-year-old Thavisha Peiris in a knife attack in October last year.

Kasim Ahmed, 18, who was living with Khan at the time, has pleaded guilty to the offence but the prosecution case is that the murder was a ‘joint enterprise’ regardless of who inflicted the fatal


The killing is said to have been motivated by robbery, with Khan and Ahmed alleged to have wanted to steal Mr Peiris’ mobile phone.

They both admit robbing a teenage girl and her friend near Castle Market in Sheffield city centre an hour earlier.

Both victims had their phones stolen by the pair.

Khan told jurors he was there when Mr Peiris was murdered but denied being responsible for the attack.

The father-of-four said Mr Peiris had stopped to ask him and Ahmed for directions

Khan said Ahmed attacked the delivery driver and that he fled fearing for his own safety.

The trial continues.