Murder case dad blames family dog

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A dad accused of murdering his 11-month-old son told a paramedic the baby’s injuries were caused by the family dog, a court heard.

Robert Smith QC, prosecuting, said Michael Beaumont, aged 28, of Pitsmoor, called 999 after his son Kaden collapsed.

A paramedic arrived at the address in Chapel Street, Hoyland, Barnsley, to find the child limp and unconscious with severe swelling and bruising to his forehead.

When asked what happened, Beaumont claimed his dog Mia had knocked Kaden down a flight of steps the day before.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Kadan was rushed to Barnsley Hospital where a scan found bleeding on his brain caused by two skull fractures.

Mr Smith said the baby’s condition deteriorated and he was transferred to Sheffield Children’s Hospital for specialist care but died soon afterwards.

When asked why he had not taken his son to hospital after the accident, Beaumont told police he’d texted a picture of Kaden to the child’s mother Helen Barnes who was at work.

He attached a text which read: “Look at my head mummy, naughty Mia knocked me down the steps.”

It is alleged Barnes, aged 27, a teaching assistant at Whiteways Primary School in Sheffield, replied Kaden would be OK and told Beaumont to give him Calpol.

A post mortem found Kadan had suffered a number of injuries in the months prior to his death, said Mr Smith.

Some would have been inflicted when he was just two months old.

Mr Smith said: “There is clear evidence that, from time to time during his short life, Kaden had been subject to injury.

“This was not due to any accident involving him being knocked over by a dog.

“This was due to trauma of the brain caused by someone striking or throwing him.

Beaumont denies murder while Barnes denies cruelty to a child by neglecting to seek medical assistance.

The trial continues.