Mum stabbed and dumped in canal

Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson
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A TEENAGE mum was stabbed to death and dumped in a canal by her ex-lover after she told his family and relatives of another lover that she’d had intimate relationships with both men, a court heard.

Laura Wilson, aged 17, of Birch Park Court, Holmes, Rotherham, was found dead in a canal near her home two days after she was reported missing by her family last October.

The mum-of-one had been repeatedly stabbed and then drowned, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

Ashtiaq Asghar, 18, of Holmes Lane, Holmes, has already admitting killing Laura but this week Ishaq Hussain, 22, of Ferham Road, Holmes, went on trial for her murder.

He is accused of helping to plan the killing.

Nicholas Campbell QC, prosecuting, alleged the pair were ‘jointly responsible’.

He said Hussain, known as Zak, had been ‘in it together’ with Asghar.

The court heard Laura had been in sexual relationships with both men, and had a ‘brief affair’ with married Hussain resulting in the birth of a daughter four months before the murder.

It is alleged her two Asian lovers planned her death after she brought shame on them and their families when she went to their homes to inform their relatives of the relationships.

Laura was said to have been upset that Hussain had ‘failed to acknowledge’ their child and support the baby.

And she believed Asghar, who she called her ‘first love’, was seeing somebody else.

Two days before the night Laura disappeared, she told both Hussain’s and Asghar’s families about the sexual relationships.

Mr Campbell said Asghar’s mum removed one of her shoes and ‘tried to strike’ Laura while branding her ‘a dirty white bitch’.

“By the end of that night it’s clear that the families of Zak Hussain and Ash Asghar and many of their neighbours would have known that their sons had been involved in an intimate relationship with Laura Wilson,” he added.

“Contrary to the wishes of both young men, Laura Wilson’s actions had brought the truth to both their front doors and they had some explaining to do to their families.”

He claimed the men were in ‘regular, almost constant contact’ with each other over the next few days.

Mr Campbell said: “She was a loose cannon and they decided to get rid of the problem.”

He said evidence, including text messages, would be presented at court during the trial to show the two men plotting to kill Laura.

One text recovered by police, sent by Asghar to Hussain, talked of the purchase of a ‘shooter,’ meaning a gun. Others talked of ‘a mission’ which the prosecutor said was a ‘mission to kill Laura’.

Mr Campbell said one text, written in code from a film, referred to the ‘spilling of blood’.

He added: “The prosecution case is that telephone evidence - both the number of contacts and the contents of the texts - reveal how much grief Laura Wilson’s actions had caused both Zak Hussain and Ash Asghar.”

The trial continues.