Mum and pregnant daughter killed - as four-year-old son left at home of double murder - VIDEO REPORT

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A YOUNG woman murdered alongside her mother was pregnant, The Star can reveal.

Louise Donnelly - whose four-year-old brother Daniel was inside the house when she was killed with her mum Tracy - was excitedly expecting her first child and had already started buying baby things.

Louise Donnelly with her boyfriend Ricky Williams

Louise Donnelly with her boyfriend Ricky Williams

The 23-year-old barmaid had told colleagues at the pub where she worked she was around 10 or 11 weeks pregnant and could not wait for her 12-week scan when she would see her child for the first time.

Louise and 42-year-old Tracy were murdered together at Tracy’s home on Ironside Road, Gleadless, Sheffield on Monday night.

Neighbours fear Tracy’s son Daniel may have witnessed the killings. Locals spotted the boy wandering outside his house crying and later saw a police officer carrying him outside, wrapped in a blanket. He is being cared for by relatives. Police were today continuing to question a 25-year-old Sheffield man on suspicion of murder.

Louise - known as ‘Lou-Lou’ - lived with boyfriend Ricky Williams, 23, in a flat on Blackstock Road, Gleadless, and was staying only temporarily with her mum.

In a tribute to Louise on his Facebook page, Ricky said: “Goodnight babe, love you always. You will always be in my heart. Save me a place up there. I know we will be together again one day.”

Louise’s younger brother Ashley, 19, also left a message in which he simply said: “Rest in peace Mum and Louise.”

Louise had worked for three-and-a-half years as a barmaid, waitress and part-time cook at The New Inn pub in Hemsworth.

Landlady Jacqueline Woonton, 50, said: “She found out she was pregnant in January and was coming up for her first scan.

“She was excited - she was happy to be a mum and couldn’t stop telling everyone. She was already buying baby things. She was wonderful with children, and would have made a fantastic mum. She had so much patience with Daniel and with children around the pub. He’s a bubbly little child.

“I feel heartbroken. She was a lovely person and never said anything horrible about anybody.

“I’m distraught. All the staff are heartbroken. We’ve lost a wonderful, kind-natured, lovely young lady, who was well-loved and well-liked around Gleadless and with customers. It’s a waste of life.”

Police said an adult relative discovered the bodies of Louise and Tracy and raised the alarm at around 7.40am yesterday.

Murder squad detectives have not disclosed how either woman was killed. Post-mortem examinations are to be carried out today.

One neighbour heard screams coming from the property and another said a man was seen fleeing Tracy’s house barefoot and leaping into a car at around 2am.

Tracey Johnston, 27, said she was racked with guilt for not checking on her neighbour after being told a man had been seen running from the house: “I thought of going across but I didn’t want to interfere. I just wish I had gone over. If I had, things might have been different.”

She said Daniel was in the house as the horror unfolded. She said: “A neighbour saw the police carrying him out in a blanket.”

Louise’s mum Tracy moved with Daniel to Ironside Road around a year ago after Tracy split from Daniel’s father. The row of houses where Tracy lived, and properties opposite, were taped off by police.

A spokesman said: “Officers believe this is a domestic incident, with the local community and wider public not in any danger.”