MP speaks out on crime maps

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SHEFFIELD MP and former Home Secretary David Blunkett said he hopes new crime maps detailing offending do not worry residents.

He spoke out after crime maps were updated to show where offences have happened at places of interest, including hospitals, railway stations, nightclubs and shopping centres.

Mr Blunkett, Labour MP for Brightside and Hillsborough, said he wants to see the maps showing police intervention and success rather than just highlighting criminality.

“Crime mapping is of course not new but done properly can be an aid to policing,” he added.

“It assists in deployment of the force, targeting specific problems and mobilising the local community.

“But it has to be well thought through, carefully presented and at all costs avoiding worrying people unnecessarily.

“What local people want is action rather than the display of what is going wrong and therefore mapping should describe police intervention and success, and not just incidents of criminality.

“Worrying people about hospitals would not seem to be an immediate priority.”