Mountain bikes worth £7,000 stolen in Sheffield

Stolen bike
Stolen bike
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Thieves have stolen three bikes worth £7,000 from a garage in Sheffield – after cutting through heavy-duty chains.

The bespoke mountain bikes were stored in a garage near Endcliffe Park when they were stolen – with their owner only realising on Saturday because the culprits had got into his garage without leaving any visible marks on the outside.

The owner, who declined to be named, believes he was deliberately targeted by the thieves and claims that since he started posting details of the theft online he has learned of other similar incidents across South Yorkshire over recent weeks.

He has reported his theft to South Yorkshire Police and an investigation is now under way.

The burglary victim is now urging people to circulate details of the missing bikes in a bid to make it more difficult for the thieves to sell them.

One bike, a Ragley Piglet, is the only one of its kind after being custom built.

Another, a GT Force with customised bright green grips, is also rare, with the owner believing there are no more than four in Sheffield and none with the same grips.

A rare Specalized Enduro bike, which was undergoing sanding ready for a respray, has customised white wheels and white handlebars.

The owner said: “I hadn’t noticed anything untoward, because whoever did it got into the garage without making any marks on the door whatsoever.

“It was only when I opened the door on Saturday morning that I realised somebody had been in.

“They had cut through heavy-duty motorbike chains to release the bikes, so they had obviously come prepared and knew what they wanted.

“I believe I was specifically targeted and followed at some point.

“I am drawing attention to this theft because I want to make it as difficult as possible for the bikes to be sold on.

“I have discovered I am not alone in being targeted and the theft of high-value bikes is an issue.

“The biking community has been supportive and word is spreading, so I hope to eventually get the bikes back.”

Police officers in Sheffield are also investigating three other garage break-ins committed last week.

Offences were reported on Abbey View Road, Woodseats; Totley Brook Road, Totley and Mercia Drive, Dore.

* Call police on 101.

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