Motorcyclist with L-plates caught ‘pulling wheelie’ on Sheffield estate

A motorcyclist with L-plates has been accused of ‘treating the public highway as a playground’ after being caught pulling a wheelie in Sheffield.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 01 April, 2019, 16:33

Police said the driver was caught carrying out the trick in full view of a police officer on the Woodthorpe estate at about midday today and his bike was seized.

This motorbike was seized by police on Sheffield's Woodthorpe estate after its driver was caught 'pulling a wheelie'

In a statement, posted alongside a photo of the confiscated bike, they said: “Pulling a wheelie and using the public highway as your playground, especially during the school holidays, in view of a police officer is never a good idea.

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“We'll look after it for you. One less nuisance motorcycle putting kids at risk on the Woodthorpe estate.”

Officers added that the driver had previously received a warning notice and his bike was seized to prevent him causing further anti-social behaviour.

“He will be able to get it back, but if he continues with this manner of behaviour, he may suffer further consequences,” they said.