Motorbike 'pinned' to wall by police in Sheffield after fleeing driver mounts pavement

A motorbike was ‘pinned’ to a wall by police in Sheffield after a fleeing driver mounted the pavement in an attempt to evade cops.

Sunday, 21st March 2021, 2:10 pm
Updated Sunday, 21st March 2021, 2:12 pm

South Yorkshire Police described how a group of around a dozen bikers on off-road motorbikes, all without number plates, had sped off after spotting a squad car on Herries Road today, Sunday, March 21.

"They shot down Claywheels Lane, where the rider of this KTM binned it, or one of his 'mates' nudged him. Either way he ended up laid in the road,” said the force’s Operational Support Unit, which is responsible for policing the city’s roads.

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This motorbike was seized by police after being 'pinned' against a wall when the rider mounted the pavement in an attempt to evade officers

“Now, at this point the law abiding amongst us would dust themselves down, pick their bike up and wait for our officer to speak to them...

“Not this rider, up he jumped and on he jumped, despite our blue lights, and onto the pavement he rode.

“At this point, our officer thought it was nicked, and had a duty to act to protect other members of the public from harm as being on the pavement when pedestrians are around could be a disaster.

“So we pinned it... against the wall. Expecting the rider to be banned, uninsured and the bike to be stolen, imagine our surprise when the bike turned out to be fully road legal (apart from the plate that was in his bag, which had conveniently fallen off just prior).”

Police added that the rider had been reported for a number of offences and the bike was seized.