Mortgage fraudsters told: Pay back cash or go to jail

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A SOUTH Yorkshire pair of mortgage fraudsters said to have benefited from crime to the tune of £398,800 have been ordered to pay back £7,709 or face time in jail.

Phillip Ibbotson and Nicola Skidmore, both of Rotherham, have been ordered to repay the cash under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

If Ibbotson fails to find the cash within six months he will be jailed for four months and Skidmore has 28 days to pay up or be jailed.

They appeared at Sheffield Crown Court after serving sentences for mortgage fraud.

Ibbotson also served time for handling stolen goods - cars which he dismantled to sell off the parts.

The court heard Ibbotson, aged 36, of Laburnum Road, Bramley, benefited to the tune of £245,950 and Skidmore, 33, of Flemming Way, Flanderwell, was said to have benefited by £152,950.

But police checks on their assets established Ibbotson only had £6,086.24 readily available and Skidmore just £1,623.

After the hearing Darren Walsh, a financial investigator for South Yorkshire Police, said: “The Proceeds of Crime Act allows the courts to confiscate the assets of those who have benefited from criminality.

“Although the full benefit amount could not be realised in this case South Yorkshire Police will endeavour to search for further assets and the defendants will have this debt until it is realised in full.”