Men race away from the scene after vehicle smashes into parked cars on Sheffield street

Four men ran away from vehicle after crashing at high speed into three parked cars on a residential Sheffield street.

By Lloyd Bent
Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 9:43 am

Residents of Stafford Road are appealing to the council to put safety measures in place to prevent the ‘big problem’ with dangerous driving before somebody is killed.

A black Ford Focus was seen driving at high speed up City Road, before turning onto Stafford Road and hitting a white BMW at around 11.40am on Sunday, July 7.

The BMW was shunted into a blue Toyota, and the Ford careered to the other side of the road and hit a yellow Vauxhall.

Men were seen running away from the scene of the crash.

Witnesses say they saw four young men run away from the scene towards Granville Road, leaving a beer can, a bag and a woman’s ID in the wreckage.

“I heard a loud bang and rushed out of my house,” said resident Daniel Ireland, owner of the yellow car that was hit.

“I saw that the speeding vehicle had banged into my car, and I saw four men scramble out. I went back into my house to get my phone, and by the time I got back out the men were running off down the road.”

Stafford Road residents said that this is the latest in a number of cases of people driving dangerously down the road, and said that they have been asking the council to take steps to prevent it for almost two decades.

The black vehicle that the men were seen scrambling out of.

They said that they are worried for the safety of the children and elderly people on the road, but the council has said it can not do anything.

Monique Galloway, who lives with Mr Ireland, said: “The council have known about this road for 17 years. My neighbour told us that the council have said there is nothing they can do until there is a serious accident.

“They need to get something done. Sadly the residents doubt they'll do anything.”

Another woman who lives on the street and wished not to be named, said: “This is a big problem on this road. These youths come down here like a bat out of hell and it is a built up area.

The white BMW was shunted into the blue Toyota.

“I’ve seen them going 40 or 50 miles an hour down this street, and they don’t stop when they turn onto it either.

“We have been trying to get the council to put in speed bumps and a 10mph speed limit for all the years I have lived here but they don’t listen. They say it is not a risk.

“But somebody is going to get hurt or killed. There are children out on this street, lots of pedestrians, and old people and people in wheelchairs as well.

“Granville school is nearby. Our neighbour goes up and down here on his mobility scooter. If it carries on there is going to be a fatal.”

Mr Ireland added: “There are always cars going down here way above the speed limit. It is always a busy road as well. Buses and cars come up here, and people park here and walk into town to go to work.

“There are kids around all the time as well because of the nearby school. The church at the end of the road has youth groups and the library just down the hill means people walk down here a lot as well.

“I am very surprised there are not more accidents like this.”

Police attended the scene and took the black Ford away to be examined by forensics.

South Yorkshire Police have been contacted for further comment.

A spokesperson for the Sheffield City Council said: “This street does not feature on our accident saving scheme. There has only been two minor injury accidents in the past five years.

“We have many other areas with higher accident records and these must be treated as a priority with the funding we have available.”