Masked men in street robbery

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TWO masked men grabbed a woman’s bag and forced her to hand over her mobile phone before pushing her to the ground in a street robbery in north Nottinghamshire.

They struck as the 21-year-old victim was walking along the A60, near the entrance to Langold Adventure Park at around 9.50pm on Sunday

The muggers fled to a grey car and drive off in the direction of Carlton-in-Lindrick.

Her bag was cream and had a distinctive crown design on the front. It also had the letter J etched into it and a cracked mirror sewn inside.

The handle was ripped from the bag - containing keys, letters, a purse and small teddy bear said to be of ‘enormous sentimental value’ - when it was taken from the woman.

The toy is cream, 20cm in height, with a purple nose and purple paw. A yellow and purple tag was still attached to it.

PC Ruth Walker, who is investigating, said: “She was incredibly shaken by what happened and is desperate to get her property back.

“Don’t let these cowards get away with it – call the police and tell us what you know so that we can bring these people to justice.”

n Anyone with information should call PC Ruth Walker at on 0300 3009999, extension 8077478.