Masked armed men raided Sheffield family’s home and stole case stuffed with £35k cash, jury told

Arshad Textiles on Rushby Street.
Arshad Textiles on Rushby Street.
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A masked gang armed with knives stormed into a Sheffield family home and stole a case stuffed with £35,000 in cash, a court heard.

The terrifying raid allegedly came about after two teenagers were showing off to each other about their families.

After one of the young men reportedly claimed he would inherit cash kept at his grandparents’ home in Page Hall, the other told his older brother and a plan to swipe it was concocted.

The targets of the raid were the Yasin family who live on Willoughby Street and run Arshad Textiles on nearby Rushby Street.

Michael Greenhalgh, prosecuting at Sheffield Crown Court, said the Yasins’ grandson, Waqar, who was 17, had been showing off to his friend Harris Nawaz, now 18, about his family’s cash.

He said: “They were boasting to each other about their families and the money they would receive from them.

“Harris said he was going to be bought a takeaway business. Waqar said he was going to inherit a lot of cash kept in a box at the family home.”

The jury heard Harris told his brother Shoaib, who later ordered Waqar to help them steal the cash otherwise his family would be hurt. The raid took place at 3.45am on August 8, 2013.

Waqar’s aunt, Shareen Akhtar, was at home with Waqar and her three children - her husband was at mosque.

Mr Greenhalgh said: “There was a knock at the door which Waqar answered and four to six masked men armed with knives entered and threatened the family.”

“They stole a case from an upstairs bedroom containing £35,000 cash.

“Waqar was to admit that he had known what was to happen. This was because they had put pressure on him and he had been in fear.”

Shoaib Nawaz, 26, in custody; Mohammed Samir Nawaz, 20, Harris Nawaz, 18, Sohail Nawaz, 24, all of Earl Marshall Road; Osman Bakri, 27, of Flockton Court and Sarhan Ahmed, 23, of Whiteways Road, deny conspiracy to rob.

The trial continues.