Mask and terrifying arsenal of weapons recovered from car in Sheffield

This terrifying mask was discovered alongside an arsenal of weapons stashed inside a car in Sheffield.

By Robert Cumber
Saturday, 12th June 2021, 10:21 am

Four knives and an extendable metal baton were found hidden in the car after it was stopped by officers in Burngreave this week.

Police told how plain clothes officers had spied the occupants coming out of a ‘well-known drug house’ and checks showed the vehicle was uninsured.

"After stopping the vehicle and after short game of ‘THAT IS MY REAL NAME’, the true identity of the driver was discovered and not only was it not his vehicle but he was also not insured,” said officers from the Sheffield North East neighbourhood policing team.

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The mask and weapons which were found inside a car in Burngreave, Sheffield

“Obviously wanting to outdo this week’s other Facebook arrests in Burngreave, the driver decided to play a second game called ‘FIND MY WEAPONS’. Unluckily for him, the Burngreave team are the current European champions of this game and have held the title for three years on the bounce!

“Within minutes, they have found an extendable metal baton, a 6-inch kitchen knife, a smaller kitchen knife, a lock knife and a small but very nasty Stanley knife, all hidden in various easily accessible areas of the vehicle.

The car was seized by police after weapons were found inside

"Not to be finished just yet, his last party game of the evening was a fan favourite of ours called ‘GUESS WHO'S WANTED?’...… yep our guy! Wanted for failing to appear at court forrrrr....… the exact same offence!!

“So we definitely think our chap takes this weeks UNLUCKY STOP OF THE WEEK award without a doubt!!”