Man wielded Samurai sword at police officers

Jailed: Lee Sanaghan has been locked up for 14 months.
Jailed: Lee Sanaghan has been locked up for 14 months.
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A MAN went berserk with a Samurai sword in a failed bid to be shot dead by police, a court heard.

Lee Sanaghan, aged 39, smashed the window of a police van outside his home on Coleridge Road, Eastwood, Rotherham, before he was surrounded by armed officers.

He had to be stunned with a Taser gun and on his arrest told an officer: “Just kill me mate.”

Michael Slater, defending, told Sheffield Crown Court: “He accepts he was hoping the police would shoot him and kill him.

“He is grateful for their professionalism, their expertise and in particular their restraint that they did not do so. He recognises he could have had no qualms had they done so in the circumstances. But it was short-lived and they were able to detain him.”

The former scrapyard worker became enraged after his daughter told him her children - aged one, two and five - had to contend with drug addicts’ used syringes being tossed over the fence into the garden where they played.

Sanaghan armed himself with a baseball bat and jumped on to the bonnet of a car belonging to the man he held responsible said David Wain, prosecuting.

Police were called later in the day to find him in the middle of the road wielding a Samurai sword and shouting: “Come on kill me.”

He swung the sword at a police van, damaging the windscreen and showering officers with shards of glass.

Sanaghan admitted possessing an offensive weapon, affray and two offences of criminal damage after the incident in January this year and was jailed for 14 months.

Mr Slater said the married father-of-three was enraged by anti-social behaviour near his daughter’s home.

He said: “Her young children were in the habit of playing in the back garden and came across these needles.

“His actions were borne out of frustration, anger and fear for his daughter over anti-social behaviour.”

Judge Jeremy Baker said: “You came out of your home with a Samurai sword in your possession and you acted aggressively and potentially extremely dangerously towards those police officers.

“The possession of such a weapon in public gives rise at the very least to a significant risk of serious injury. Fortunately that did not occur.”