Man who overheard fatal Sheffield stabbing ‘was warned to retract police statement’

Murder victim Mohammed Khalil, who was attacked in Greeland Drive, Darnall.
Murder victim Mohammed Khalil, who was attacked in Greeland Drive, Darnall.
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A witness who overheard the fatal stabbing of his friend in Sheffield was told to retract his police statement, a court heard.

Luke Walker was in the flat of Mohammed Khalil when his friend was stabbed through the lungs and heart on Tuesday, October 21, at about 1am.

He gave an initial statement to police about the fatal attack in Greenland Drive, Darnall, the following day.

A recording of the interview was played to the jury at Sheffield Crown Court this afternoon.

Connor O’Brien, aged 26, of Jubilee Road, Darnall, and 22-year-old Corry Walters, from Stubbin Lane, Firth Park, deny murdering Mr Khalil.

It is alleged they were among a group of four men who barged into the flat.

Callum Walters, 21, of Valentine Crescent, Darnall, and 22-year-old Nicole Poppe, from Rolleston Road, Firth Park, deny perverting the course of justice in relation to alleged threats made to Mr Walker on Wednesday, November 5.

On the night of the stabbing, Mr Walker said he had been in the living room when he heard O’Brien shout through the flat’s letter box to ask Mr Khalil to open the door.

He said he heard someone with a voice he did not recognise telling Mr Khalil he had taken on a ‘debt’ that Mr Khalil owed to a local drugs dealer.

Mr Walker said he then heard the sounds of a ‘scuffle’ and heard someone shout ‘Callum, stop’, before the front door slammed and Mr Khalil came back into the living room covered in blood.

On November 5, Mr Walker was in the city centre when he was seen by Callum Walters and a woman with him.

He said he had been followed by the pair for several minutes after they spotted him near McDonald’s restaurant on High Street.

In a recording of a second police interview played to the court, Mr Walker said: “He came up to me calling me a snitch, saying I know you are in witness protection and hiding from people.

“He was saying Sheffield is a small place and he was going to bump into me eventually. The female was being aggressive, shouting I was a grass and a liar and should have kept my mouth shut.

“The girl was telling me to go to the police and retract my statement – to say I was high on drugs and didn’t know what I was saying at the time.

“She was saying I will take you to the police now and stand with you while you say everything in your statement is a lie.”

The trial continues.