Man starts 18-year jail sentence

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A FUGITIVE involved in the attempted murder of a Sheffield man who was shot in the head but survived has started an 18-year jail sentence imposed when he was on the run.

Bradley Okoro, aged 24, then from Huddersfield, was convicted of the attempted murder of Damian Munroe at a trial in his absence in 2008 after fleeing to Spain.

He was sentenced on the basis he opened fire at a Jeep in Huddersfield town centre which Mr Munroe and a group of other men from Sheffield were travelling in.

It was never said why the Jeep was targeted in the early morning attack in April 2006.

Okoro fled abroad and left two other men to face the attempted murder charge. They were acquitted and found guilty of attempted grievous bodily harm with intent.

Okoro’s past eventually caught up with him when he was arrested in Spain under a false name - Daniel Smith - on suspicion of involvement in drug trafficking offences.

At Leeds Crown Court he admitted failing to answer bail for the attempted murder trial and was given an additional eight month sentence to serve concurrent with his 18-year stretch.