Man punished for making false robbery claim in Sheffield

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A man who made a false report of a robbery, claiming his mobile phone had been stolen in Sheffield, has received a £90 fixed penalty notice for wasting police time.

The 20-year-old told officers that he had been the victim of a robbery on Ecclesall Road, during which his Apple iPhone was stolen by four men.

A police investigation into the allegation established that no such robbery had taken place.

Detective Inspector Richard Partridge said: “The 20-year-old man was met by officers and was strongly advised about his actions.

“Despite showing remorse for his actions, he was issued with a £90 fixed penalty notice.

“This case goes to show that, at the very least, a fine will be issued should a false report be uncovered.”

The maximum penalty for wasting police time is a prison sentence of six months.

DI Partridge said: “People who make false reports to police are taking officers away from genuine incidents that need their attention.

“It means time that could be spent investigating a genuine crime and helping a genuine victim is wasted.

“We investigate all reports of crime thoroughly and people who make false reports to us will be caught.”