Man jailed after police find gun in his BMW

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A man who was caught carrying a gun and ammunition in his car has been jailed for five years.

Nigel Elliott, aged 26, of Shirland Court, Darnall, was stopped by an armed response vehicle after he turned off the M62 at junction 26 in West Yorkshire on August 7.

He was alone in the BMW and when asked by the firearms officers if he had anything harmful in the vehicle initially said ‘no’ then replied: “Oh yeah, there’s a weapon under the front passenger seat.”

Tamara Pawson, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court when the vehicle was searched a .22 short rim self-loading pistol was then found wrapped in some rubber gloves.

The magazine had six live ammunition rounds in it, while there were a further eight unfired cartridges recovered.

The pistol was found to be in working order.

Richard Barradell, representing Elliott, told the court he had been pressured into transporting the weapon from Sheffield to Bradford by a man to whom he owed money.

He said Elliott had run up gambling debts and had borrowed cash which he was never able to repay.

By August he owed £5,000 and was then asked to move something in return for the debt.

He claimed Elliott was assaulted in a bid to pressurise him to carry the gun.

When arrested by police he had a black eye.

Elliott admitted possessing a prohibited weapon and ammunition.

Imposing the minimum five-year sentence, Judge Penelope Belcher said she accepted he owed money and was frightened of people to whom he was indebted but said: “You were in possession of a lethal weapon, loaded ready for use.”