Man heard murder cries

Thavisha Peiris
Thavisha Peiris
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Four screams were heard by a man living close to the spot where a pizza delivery driver in Sheffield was knifed to death, a court heard.

Ian Saville told jurors at Sheffield Crown Court that he was woken from his sleep by the sound of three screams and looked out of his bedroom window to see a silver car parked outside.

Mr Peiris

Mr Peiris

He saw a man stood outside the car and then heard the sound of another cry.

“It was the sound of pain, it was loud enough to wake me,” he said.

Another man who lives close to Southey Crescent, where 25-year-old Thavisha Peiris was killed last October, said he saw two men running along the street that night.

Lee Johnson said he saw one figure appear first and then crouch down in a garden before another figure ran past.

The first man then got up and ran off after the other.

Shamraze Khan, aged 26, and Kasim Ahmed, 18, who were both living on Southey Crescent, Southey, at the time of the killing, are accused of being jointly responsible for the death of Mr Peiris, who was delivering orders for Domino’s Pizza.

Ahmed has pleaded guilty but Khan denies the offence and is standing trial.

They are alleged to have targeted the delivery driver as a potential robbery victim after holding up a teenage girl and her friend at knifepoint and stealing their mobile phones outside Castle Market earlier that night.

Police crime scene investigator David Butcher told the court that when he examined Mr Peiris’ car after the attack he found a mobile phone in the footwell of the vehicle and a damaged holder attached to the windscreen.

Mr Peiris’ wallet, sat nav and pizza delivery takings were still in the car.

During an examination of Khan and Ahmed’s home a knife was found in the front garden.

Jurors were told that both men were found hiding in separate properties in the city when they were arrested by police.

PC Matthew Hackett said he found Ahmed hiding in a built in cupboard in a bedroom and PC Michael Richmond said a police sniffer dog located Khan hidden underneath a pile of belongings in an attic bedroom.

Both homes had other occupants in at the time of the police searches.

The trial continues.