Man climbed out of Sheffield attic window and raced across roof tops to avoid police

Police dogs in South Yorkshire have been praised for their help in snaring crooks this week.

Monday, 28th September 2020, 7:57 am

One of the police dogs, Quinn, has been singled out for praise by South Yorkshire Police his efforts to apprehend a wanted man in Sheffield.

The suspect was wanted for questioning over a robbery, and when officers tracked him down to a house he climbed out of an attic window in a bid to evade arrest.

South Yorkshire Police said: “The wanted man, who thought he could escape police by becoming Spiderman, didn't bank on our PD Quinn turning up.

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A cordon of police tape (Photo credit should read NIKLAS HALLE'N/AFP via Getty Images)

“When the law came knocking 'Spidey' was out of the attic window and across the Sheffield roof tops, sliding down drainpipes and hedgehopping through gardens.

“After a game of hide and seek in the gardens Spidey took off in a bid for freedom.

“Perhaps he should have chosen a comic book hero with the power of flight as he was never going to out-run our own canine superhero Quinn.

“Maybe the rucksack full of drugs he had on his back slowed him down some, I don't know, oh and the knife which fell out of his pocket when Quinn caught him can't have helped.”

He was arrested on suspicion of robbery, drugs offences and possessing an offensive weapon.

Two dogs were also praised for their efforts in Doncaster.

Police Dog Bill was on an off-duty walk with his handler when they came across a crash scene, where the driver and passengers had fled.

Officers were at the scene and South Yorkshire Police said that ‘without any prompt nor direction, Bill dropped on to his belly and put his nose up to a pair of gloves which had been secreted just under a parked car by one of the fleeing offenders,’.

The glove was seized for forensic examination.

PD Luna was also in action in Doncaster this week and helped officers investigating a burglary at a Lidl supermarket.

A suspect was arrested over the raid and Luna sniffed out a stash of stolen whisky and vodka bottles along with clothing believed to have been worn by the culprit.