Man accused of Sheffield takeaway driver murder tells jury he feared ‘he would be next’

Thavisha Lakindu Peiris
Thavisha Lakindu Peiris
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A man accused of murdering a pizza delivery driver said he ran from the scene of the stabbing because he feared he would be attacked next.

The father-of-four told Sheffield Crown Court that Ahmed, who has already pleaded guilty to murder, had been in ‘attack mode’ and may have gone for him.

Kasim Ahmed, 18, has already pleaded guilty to murder

Kasim Ahmed, 18, has already pleaded guilty to murder

Khan said Mr Peiris had stopped to ask the pair for directions before being attacked by Ahmed.

Khan, 26, of Southey Crescent, said: “He turned the knife towards me. I thought he was in frenzy attack mode.

“That was the time I ran away. I was scared of him at that particular moment.”

Robert Smith QC, prosecuting, asked why Khan had not included information about being frightened in the prepared statement he gave to the police when he was interviewed about the murder of the Domino’s worker, which happened last October 27.

Khan said he ‘couldn’t give a reason’ but added his ‘head was all over the place’ when he spoke to the police.

The court was shown CCTV footage of Khan and Ahmed running up Southey Crescent close together moments after the attack as they returned to Khan’s house, where Ahmed had been staying.

Khan said at that point he was still frightened of Ahmed, who is now 18, but no longer believed he was at risk of being attacked.

“At that moment I was in two kinds of mind. I didn’t think he would do anything to me because he had run from the scene,” he said.

Khan told the court the reason his handprint was on Mr Peiris’ car was because he was trying to get leverage to pull Ahmed away from the attack that was happening inside the vehicle. He said he had not thought to call an ambulance after the attack as his ‘head wasn’t working’.

The trial continues.