M1 driver going 112mph ‘because he had a tummy ache and needed to loo’

An M1 driver who was recorded by police going 112mph said he needed to get his passenger to the next services quickly as he was ‘in dire need of the loo’.

Wednesday, 5th June 2019, 8:34 pm
Photo: South Yorkshire Police.

Officers from the SYP operations team saw the driver go past them ‘like an exocet’ while monotoring another driver’s speed earlier today.

After following and stopping the car, the driver told officers he had a tummy ache and was in dire need of the bathroom, and was trying to get to the services quickly.

Photo: South Yorkshire Police.

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An SYP OperationsTeam spokesperson said: “We get to hear some quality excuses from time to time, and today was one of those days.

“We all can understand the situation, we have all been caught short or desperate for the loo, but 112mph!

“When we spoke to the passenger, however, he seemed to be perfectly fine.”

On further investigation, officers discovered the driver wasn’t insured on the car, which actually belonged to his supposedly stricken passenger.

Photo: South Yorkshire Police.

The driver will be summonsed to appear before Magistrates shortly, they added.