Lost ring may have been stolen by passer-by in Sheffield

News brought to you around the clock
News brought to you around the clock
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A valuable engagement ring worth about £2,500 is believed to have been stolen after its owner lost it in the Millsands area of Sheffield city centre.

CCTV cameras have captured a woman picking up the ring near the Home Office building next to the River Don last Wednesday afternoon – but it has not been handed in to police.

The ring was lost by Sue Field, from Castleton, who was in the city centre with her daughter.

It was her mother’s engagement ring and had been in the family for more than 50 years.

It is an 18-carat-gold Victorian band decorated with two diamonds and two rubies. A second ring also lost was handed in.

Mrs Field said: “The rings must have fallen to the ground as I got out of our car. I don’t wear the rings all the time but I had them on that afternoon - the engagement ring is of great personal value.”

n Anyone with information about the ring should contact Mrs Field on 07968 003307.