Lie detector tests to be used by police in South Yorkshire

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Lie detection tests are to be used by South Yorkshire Police to help determine the level of risk sex offenders pose in the community.

Two officers – DCs Andy Tinker and Richard Chambers – are undergoing training to become polygraph examiners to help the force better understand and manage sex offenders.

The tests will be used alongside existing measures to assess the risk posed by registered sex offenders living in South Yorkshire communities, in the hope of reducing re-offending rates.

Det Insp Delphine Waring, who specialises in investigating sex crimes in South Yorkshire, said: “There are many tactics we use to manage and identify sex offenders and polygraph testing is just one risk-assessment tool we will use to protect the public.

“Managing sex offenders can often be challenging and we have to be innovative and creative in the approach we take.

“South Yorkshire Police strives to be at the forefront of policing and using this innovative and groundbreaking tool will assist in protecting people and keeping them safe from some of the most dangerous people in our communities.”

Only one other force in the country uses the tests.