Lengthy probe into mix-up

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A SOUTH Yorkshire detective leading a probe into the mix-up of two bodies in a mortuary in Humberside has warned the investigation could be lengthy.

Detective Superintendent Richard Fewkes, of South Yorkshire Police, has been asked to look into how the body of a former soldier who died in police custody in Hull was confused with the body of a pensioner while both were in a mortuary.

Christopher Alder, aged 37, choked to death while handcuffed and lying in a police station in Hull in April 1998.

His body was discovered in the place where pensioner Grace Kamara’s body was believed to be stored after she died of natural causes in 1999.

Five Humberside officers were cleared of manslaughter and misconduct in public office in 2002.

Det Supt Fewkes, leading the investigation, said: “Given the complexities, the investigation will be detailed, thorough and will need to take account of events over a 13-year period. For this reason and at this stage it is difficult to estimate how long the investigation will take.

“Family liaison officers continue to maintain contact with relevant family members and their representatives with regard to the very sensitive issues of identification.”