Lecturer asks for driving ban after being caught speeding

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A SHEFFIELD University lecturer asked a court to ban him from driving rather than imposing penalty points for speeding.

Dr Tennore Ramesh, aged 46, who works in the university’s Academic Neurology department, was caught travelling at 41mph in a 30mph zone on Halifax Road, Sheffield, in July last year.

He initially denied the offence and claimed the laser device which clocked him breaking the limit must have recorded his speed inaccurately but on the day he was due to stand trial he changed his plea and admitted the offence.

Sheffield Magistrates’ Court heard Dr Ramesh, who was caught speeding in wife’s Toyota, had held a UK driving licence for less than two years and already had three penalty points for an earlier speeding convic-tion.

Under the rules for new drivers, anyone accumulating more than six points after passing their test has their licence revoked and must retake their test.

So in a bid to keep his licence he urged magistrates to impose a ban rather than more points.

But passing sentence, District Judge Naomi Redhouse told Dr Ramesh that she was not prepared to disqualify him just because it would be an advantage to him.

She ordered a further three points be added to his licence and said the DVLA will have to decide whether to revoke the licence.

Dr Ramesh, from Leeds, was also ordered to pay costs of £3392 and fined £375.