‘Last Christmas, we tret you so nice, but the very next day, you went to sell Spice’

Police in Sheffield entered into the festive spirit by composing a special Christmas tribute to a drug dealer they arrested.

Monday, 9th December 2019, 8:44 pm

The Burngreave team arrested the man after paying him a surprise visit only to find £1,000 worth of ‘zombie drug’ Spice.

Officers say the man will be ‘staying with them for the foreseeable future’ while their enquiries continue.

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Sheffield drug-driver banned after testing positive for cannabis

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Police raided a property in Burngreave today, where they discovered £1,000 worth of Spice.

But in the meantime, they decided to compose the man his own version of Wham! classic Last Christmas...

Once bitten and twice shy

We kept our distance

But you still sold that Spice

Tell me, dealer

Did you think we withdrew

Well, it's been a year

So we came to surprise you

(Merry Christmas!) We knocked your door and bust it

With a BANG saying, "Open up" we meant it

Now, you know what a fool you've been

But if you just take the rap

You'll have the chance to redeem

Last Christmas, we tret you so nice

But the very next day you went to sell Spice

This year, to save us from tears

We'll just go ahead and remand you

What do you think? Are they any good or could you do better?

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