Knife attackers ambush and stab man in his car

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Crime:Latest news.
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A MAN suffered a punctured lung and gashes to his arms, hands, head and leg when he was ambushed and stabbed by two of his own relatives as he sat in his car on a Sheffield street, a court heard.

Mubasher Yasin was trapped in his vehicle as he was attacked.

He had to curl into a ball to protect himself as a barrage of blows ‘rained down on him’, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

Adeel Din, aged 21, of Goddard Hall Road, Fir Vale, and Zabar Hussain, 24, of West Quaddrant, Firth Park, are accused of attempted murder and wounding with intent in August last year.

The pair - who both deny the charges - are cousins of Mr Yasin’s wife.

One of the victim’s assailants is alleged to have been heard shouting, ‘You are dead’ as they delivered blow upon blow.

Richard Sheldon, prosecuting, said the motive for the ambush was unknown - but he told jurors they may come to the conclusion ‘there’s no love lost’ between the parties.

He said Mr Yasin and his brother had been driving around Firth Park, and had just pulled up on Barretta Street, when two men, with their faces partially covered, forced open their car door.

Mr Yasin was said to have been ‘trapped’ in his vehicle.

“Blows were struck to his chest that punctured his lung,” Mr Sheldon told jurors. “He received cuts to his hands, arms and legs. A total of nine cuts or wounds were inflicted.

“The right lung had to be drained because it collapsed. Happily, the injuries were able to be treated.

“We may never know the true motive or cause for this attack, but the phrase, ‘There’s no love lost’ you might think appropriate.”

Mr Yasin was also cut on his temple during the attack.

Mr Sheldon said the stabbing was a ‘planned attack by two men with deadly weapons’ - which were either combat knives or kitchen knives with blades measuring five or six inches in length.

“This was deliberately targeted where the victim was trapped in his car,” Mr Sheldon said.

“The door was opened and they set about him. He had little chance of defending himself given the number and nature of the weapons used against him.

“There can be no doubt those men intended to kill.

“It was only a matter of good fortune - him curling up to protect himself - that stopped fatal consequences.”

Both Din and Hussain denied any involvement in the stabbing when arrested and quizzed by police.

The trial continues.