Killer of former Rotherham police officer shot during recapture after jail escape

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One of the killers of a former South Yorkshire Police officer murdered on his Caribbean honeymoon has been shot after escaping jail.

Newlyweds Ben and Catherine Mullany had been married for a fortnight when they were shot in their hotel room on the holiday island of Antigua in 2008.

Local men Avie Howell and Kaniel Martin were later convicted of the murders and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Police in Antigua have revealed Howell, in his early 20s, escaped from prison on the island yesterday, along with a fellow inmate who had been detained on fraud charges.

Counsellor Jamal Wright, based at St John’s police station in Antigua, said: “Apparently they used a sharp implement to cut out a portion of mesh and jumped over the northern prison wall, which is about 30ft high.”

Howell was recaptured this afternoon.

Officers said Howell was shot during a confrontation with local officer in a remote part of the island.

Mr and Mrs Mullany, both 31, lived in Rhos, near Pontardawe, Wales, and were both shot in the head, while their killers made off with their mobile phones, a digital camera and a handful of cash.

Mrs Mullany died instantly while her husband, a physiotherapy student who served as a policeman in Rotherham before changing his career, was flown home on a life-support machine but died a week later.