Killed teen’s pals ‘made up story’

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A LAWYER has accused a killed Sheffield student’s friends of fabricating their stories in the wake of his death amidst tensions between Bengali and Somali youths.

Abdulla Awil Mohammed, aged 18, died in March after a car drove into him and fellow Somali friends on Coleridge Road, Darnall.

The Sheffield Hallam University student, from Burngreave, was hit on the head by a road sign which was knocked over by the car, and later died from his head wounds.

One of the car passengers, Bengali teenager Mohammed Kahar, 19, of Swarcliffe Road, Darnall, is on trial for manslaughter.

The Sheffield Crown Court jury had heard some of Abdulla’s friends told police they heard passengers say they had ‘got the wrong people’ moments after the crash.

But Kahar’s barrister, Stephen Kamlish QC, accused the Somali boys of making the story up.

Mustaffa Ahmed Abdullah, one of the group, told the jury: “One of them said he hit the wrong people. It’s in my police statement.”

Mr Kamlish replied: “It’s not in your statement. You said the driver was panicking and he said, ‘It was an accident’.”

Mustaffa said: “Yes, that’s what I heard.”

The lawyer said: “So why did you say the driver said he hit the wrong people when he didn’t?”

Mustaffa replied: “What I meant to say was what I said in my statement.”

Mr Kamlish said: “It’s because you left it out of your script and your friends said it. You are editing it back in.

“Did your friends make up their story, in order to get themselves out of trouble?”

Mustaffa replied: “No.”

The jury heard Abdulla’s Somali friends fled from the scene, while the Bengali teenagers in the car called the ambulance.

Mr Kamlish said: “What did you feel about leaving Abdulla lying in the road?”

Mustaffa said: “I don’t know. I just felt traumatised through the whole thing.” He said he did not contact the police, despite admitting he had ‘the best view of the crash’ because he was ‘traumatised and scared’.

Mr Kamlish said: “You and your friends had to get the story straight before you called the police.”

The trial continues.

n Nizamul Hoque, 19, of Willow Drive, Darnall, has pleaded guilty to violent disorder.