Judge warns duo they face jail time over death of man outside Sheffield's Cineworld

A judge has warned two men they face jail time over the killing of a man outside a cinema in Sheffield.

Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 2:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 3:11 pm

Sheffield Crown Court heard during a trial how Fahim Hersi, aged 22, of Broomhall, was stabbed to death in the car park at Cineworld at the city’s Centertainment complex.

Noel Ramsey, aged 22, of Nottingham Street, Burngreave, had denied murder but today, Tuesday, December 10, pleaded guilty to manslaughter after he had admitted throughout to stabbing Mr Hersi in self-defence.

Ramsey’s friend Layton Morris, aged 22, of Ferrars Road, Tinsley, had denied assisting Ramsey by disposing of the knife near a bin but he has now pleaded guilty to this offence.

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Pictured is Fahim Hersi, 22, of Sheffield, who was fatally stabbed at Cineworld, at Meadowhall, Sheffield.
Pictured is Fahim Hersi, 22, of Sheffield, who was fatally stabbed at Cineworld, at Meadowhall, Sheffield.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC told Morris. “It’s wholly likely there will be a custodial sentence but I express I rule nothing in and I rule nothing out and I will listen with the greatest of care to the mitigation.”

He told Ramsey: “You are remanded into custody and the sentence is inevitable in your case – a custodial sentence. I shall listen with the greatest of care on your behalf as to the length.”

Both Ramsey and Mr Hersi had crossed paths after they had coincidentally gone to Cineworld with friends to see gang movie Intent 2 on September 21, 2018.

David Brooke, prosecuting, said there had been bad blood between Mr Hersi’s friend Osman Jama and Ramsey and after a confrontation between the three men Ramsey was stabbed in the leg and Mr Hersi was fatally stabbed in the chest by Ramsey.

Layton Morris.

Morris had claimed Ramsey was stabbed by a knife brought by others and he had wanted to keep it away from them.

The jury returned a verdict of not guilty to murder for Ramsey as directed by Judge Jeremy Richardson QC after the CPS accepted his guilty plea to manslaughter and the jury accepted Morris’s guilty plea to assisting an offender.

Mr Brooke, prosecuting, said the defence’s case has been that Ramsey had been attacked by Mr Jama and he had responded in a “fast-moving incident” which has persuaded the CPS to accept a manslaughter plea.

The case has been adjourned until December 11 for sentencing.

Noel Ramsey.