Judge tells Doncaster serial thief he faces a lifetime of prison unless he sorts himself out

A judge who jailed a serial thief told the prolific shoplifter he faces a lifetime of prison sentences unless he changes his ways.

Thursday, 23rd April 2020, 4:38 pm

Sheffield Crown Court heard on April 7 how Owen Stothard, 31, of Gladstone Road, Doncaster, pleaded guilty to committing 13 thefts after stealing £827.98 worth of items. He also admitted assaulting an emergency worker and failing to surrender to court.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC, The Recorder of Sheffield, told Stothard: “Unless you change your life - and it can only be a matter for you to change your life - you will be looking at, in effect, a life sentence of imprisonment made up of individual component sentences one after another and you will lead a miserable and worthless life hereafter.”Beverley Wright, prosecuting, said Stothard repeatedly struck at shops including a One Stop store and a Boots in Doncaster as well as at other locations including another One Stop store and a Sainsbury’s and a post office between September and March.She added that when police initially arrested him at his home in November for some of the thefts he became aggressive and officers had to use PAVA spray to subdue him.Mrs Wright said as police handcuffed Stothard he filled his mouth with saliva and spat at an officer twice.Edward Moss, defending, said Stothard has led a chaotic lifestyle and has been sofa-surfing and stealing for food but he has got free of drugs.

Mr Moss added Stothard accepts spitting but disputes to some extent that it was at the officer.Stothard has also struggled to come to terms with the death of his brother who died in a work accident, according to Mr Moss.

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Pictured is serial thief Owen Stothard, 31, of Gladstone Road, Doncaster, who has been jailed for 15 months after admitting 13 thefts, assaulting a police officer and failing to surrender to custody.

Judge Richardson sentenced Stothard, who has previous convictions, to 15 months of custody.

He told Stothard: “My recommendation is that when you are released from prison you seek help and improve your life because hereafter if you carry on in the way you have been carrying on the sentences will get ever longer and you will lead an evermore miserable existence.”He added: “You will lead a life of misery. Improve your ways and there is hope. If you do not - there is no hope.”